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Close analysis of Destiny trailers reveals possible third-person camera and Pike vehicle

Eliot Lefebvre

It's hard to say that you're really a fan of Destiny at the moment; the game is currently just an announcement and a concept, albeit one that has several people excited. How excited are they? However excited you need to be to very closely examine the PlayStation 4 announcement trailer and spot a pair interesting details that require incredibly good vision and careful observation. Now that these things have been spotted, a new video has been released that highlights the items.

The first observation is someone playing the game in what appears to be a third-person view, which would imply that the game as a whole can be played in first-person or third-person as you desire. The second is what appears to be a flying vehicle, quite possibly the Pike vehicle that was previously announced. Jump on past the break to see a video showing off the highlighted moments, albeit in zoomed-in grainyvision.

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