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Minimalist platformer Thomas Was Alone comes to PS3 and Vita


Thomas Was Alone on PC, but now he'll have company on PS3 and PS Vita. Developer Mike Bithell is bringing his minimalist platformer, about the coordinated escape of a rectangle and his new friends the, um, other rectangles, to Sony platforms with Cross Buy this spring.

As you go through the levels, using different quadrilateral characters' different properties together, " you'll hear an awesome story narrated by Danny Wallace (Assassin's Creed) and scored by the epically talented David Housden," Bithell explains. "On PS Vita, you can use the touchscreens to select characters, or to control the camera."

The new console version of the game will include "creator's commentary," and will be the first version to receive a DLC prologue "about a square who is given a jetpack."

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