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See results of Media Molecule's game jam in Austin on March 7


When Media Molecule makes a game for real, it's about leading burlap heroes through infinite player-created levels, or interacting with a virtual paper world. The company's PS4 concept was about shaping virtual clay with a Move. So when freed from practical or commercial concerns, we imagine the results are fairly interesting.

Austin residents will find out March 7 at 7 p.m., when Media Molecule will attend the monthly Juegos Rancheros game collective meetup to reveal the results of its first game jam. The team will talk about running an internal jam and how it relates to the company's work, such as the coming Tearaway.

In non-MM news, Deep Sea creator and Antichamber sound designer Robin Arnott will show off SoundSelf, a game that "combines your own voice with evolving fractal graphics and mind-altering auditory feedback."

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