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Smoovie for iPad: A stop-motion app for kids (and adults young at heart)


I recently spent some time with Smoovie for Mac, a kid-friendly, stop-motion video app. I really loved it, but I thought I'd check out the iPad version, too. I had a sneaky suspicion Smoovie and the iPad were a match made in heaven, and I think I was right!

Smoovie for iPad is just as easy to use as the Mac version, if not easier. Because of the iPad's built-in camera and portability, it's so mush simpler to make a stop-motion video around the house or even outside -- get down on the floor or right up to the dog's nose. And of course, the iPad's touch screen makes Smoovie that much more intuitive to operate.

There's just something fantastic about not having to worry about transferring photos, cables or being limited to one space with Smoovie on the iPad. It's an all-in-one package. And for kids (and adults), that just makes it all the more inspiring and fun to use.

Of course, using Smoovie on the Mac does have its benefits, too. For one, you're not tied to the limits of the iPad's camera or storage. But ultimately, Smoovie is about having fun, not creating a Hollywoord blockbuster.

Smoovie for iPad costs US$4.99 and is available from the iOS App Store now.

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