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Xbox 360 250GB Spring Value bundle now available in the US for $299


Sure, the next wave of gaming consoles may be arriving pretty soon, but while we wait for the PS4 and whatever Microsoft has in store for us, why not have yet another Xbox 360 bundle to choose from, right? Today the Redmond-based company released its Spring Value set, which includes that slim console with 250GB of storage space (as well as the accustomed peripherals, of course), one month gratis of Xbox Live Gold and, perhaps to make it all worthwhile, Darksiders II and Batman: Arkham City -- although the latter of the two will be available via download code rather than as a physical copy. Folks that call the good ol' US of A home can snag the fresh bundle starting today for $299, which is on par with similar bundles that Microsoft's released in the past -- granted it's not as sleek-looking as some of the pricier ones.

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