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Call of Duty series blitzes Xbox Live's Ultimate Game Sale


The entire Call of Duty Xbox 360 line-up launches a charge of concessions in today's Games on Demand sale - well, almost. The very first CoD is MIA, mainly because it's on XBLA and not GoD, which seems like reason enough for draft evasion to us.

Calls of Duties 2 and 3, Modern Warfares 1 and 2, and World at War are all down to $9.99, while Black Ops makes a 60 percent drop to $19.99. 2011's Modern Warfare 3 comes in at $29.99, and last of all is Black Ops 2 with $10 off at $49.99.

And don't forget, a heap of other Games on Demand are staying discounted until March 4, each one priced at $4.99 or less.

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