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Prey 2 countdown ends at fan site, Bethesda has 'nothing to do with that site'


The "Alien Noire" website counting down to a Prey 2 reveal has concluded with a fan site that's apparently designed to host a petition to finish the game. Despite featuring logos for Bethesda Softworks and Human Head Studios, Prey 2's publisher and developer, respectively, the studios aren't involved in the site.

"It appears to be a fan site. We have nothing to do with that site," Bethesda's VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines tells Joystiq.

Hines previously told us, "I don't know what that is or who is doing it. It's not something we're doing."

Bethesda removed Prey 2 from its company website late last year, reiterating the game was delayed and not canceled.

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