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Volar-e EV racer goes for a test drive, hopes to turn heads


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Still nervous about trading in your gas guzzler for an electric carriage? The European Commission wants you to cast your eyes on the Volar-e, a high performance EV prototype designed specifically to garner attention. Designed and built by Applus IDIADA, the Volar-e boasts 1,000 horses driven by four independently controlled electric motors, a regenerative breaking system and the ability to juice up in under twenty minutes. The prototype -- which was built in only four months -- saw its first public outing this week at Circuit de Catalunya, in Spain, giving onlookers at peek at what its four driving modes can do.

The company didn't specify what differentiates the vehicles Eco, Dynamic, Racing and Wet modes, but did go out of its way to highlight the Volar-e's acceleration and top speed: 62mph in 3.4 seconds and 186 mph. The European Commission says the vehicle is built to promote electric vehicles to European markets, standing as a reference point to category's potential. Cool? Sure, but with performance like that, we can't imagine the Volar-e will do much to calm our range anxiety. Check out the prototype racer in action after the break.

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Volar-e presentation

Applus+ IDIADA successfully completes World's most powerful prototype electric sports car. The project undertaken by the Spanish company on behalf of the European Commission shows that electric vehicles can have sporty performance.

BARCELONA, February 28, 2013 - Applus+ IDIADA, a company specialized in engineering for the international automotive industry, has successfully completed the Volar-e project, an innovative prototype electric car with high performance, comparable to or even better than conventionally-powered sports cars.

Volar-e has been presented today at the Circuit de Catalunya during the F1 Test Days, in an act that has been attended by, among other authorities, Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, Sebastian Salvado, President of RACC, and Carles Grasas, CEO of Applus+ IDIADA.

Applus+ IDIADA, a division of Applus+ specialized in the provision of design, engineering, testing and homologation services, was awarded the project by the European Commission in late 2012 in a tender in which companies across Europe took part. In just four months, the company has managed to meet and exceed the performance features required by the EC, among others:


Provide maximum motor power and torque to the vehicle (1000 HP, 1000 Nm)

Achieve fast-charging (15-20 minutes)

Vehicle dynamics:

Regenerative braking system


Independent power control for all 4 motors, iTORQ original by Applus+ IDIADA

In the words of Fernando Basabe, CEO of Applus+, "this project is recognition of the technological capacity of Applus + IDIADA in the field of engineering for the automotive industry." Carles Grasas, CEO of Applus+ IDIADA, stresses the technical challenge that the award of the project by the EC implies: "successful completion of the project in four months is the best demonstration of the capabilities of the company in engineering and project management.

The project, which is co-funded by the European Commission, will allow the Applus+ prototype to become a flagship for the promotion of electric vehicles in European society. Users, the car industry, energy sector and government have a reference in this demonstrator of the great potential of electric vehicles.

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