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Gears of War: Judgment's 'Aftermath' builds a bridge to Gears 3


Gears of War: Judgment will have a special unlockable mini-campaign taking place during the events of Gears of War 3, called Aftermath. The Aftermath campaign is an epilogue to Judgment's main story, centering on Baird, Cole and Clayton Carmine's mission to track down reinforcements before the COG invade Azura during Gears of War 3.

Senior producer at Epic Games, Alan Van Slyke, says the choice to include Aftermath is two-fold. "Aftermath is two things. One, for the Gears 3 fans who wanted more traditional Gears 3 content, it's there to satisfy them," he said. "Two, I think it gives us a chance to bookend the trilogy, so we have Cole and Baird leaving to go get reinforcements at the end of Gears 3 and we're able to build upon that. So it gives Judgment this nice additional content to be able to bookend the trilogy with something that happened right after Emergence Day prior to Gears 1, and also plays off of the traditional Gears 3 content."

Aftermath will be unlocked after players compete the main campaign in Gears of War: Judgment.

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