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WoW Moviewatch: Raid Buddies Episode 1: The ReRoll


And now for something incredibly different... and incredibly cool. Raid Buddies Episode 1: The Reroll is a huge diversion from the usual machinima, and frankly, it's awesome. Raid Buddies features WoW puppets. The voice acting is a little rough, but all is forgiven for the astounding craftsmanship of those puppets. Seriously, check it out.

The episodic format certainly hints that we should expect more Raid Buddies in the future and I desperately hope that's true. This is the first episode, and any rough spots (of which there are a few) will surely smooth out with future installments. And the whole idea is just amazing.

I was just blown away by the puppets. They're all awesome, though I think maybe Illidan is my favorite. Take the time to check it out and please leave comments on the YouTube video. Let's make sure these guys know how much we love what they're doing.

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