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SilverWiz releases version 1.4 of MoneyWiz for OS X and iOS


After several months of development, SilverWiz has finally released the highly anticipated 1.4 update to MoneyWiz for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. The latest version has more than 50 new features including:

  • Native refunds functionality
  • Chequebook register, and handling of cheque numbers
  • Ability to auto-pay scheduled transactions
  • Ability to convert normal transaction to a scheduled transaction
  • Option to show minus sign for negative transactions (to help users with colour-blindness)
  • Ability to split income transactions
  • Ability to make Scheduled split transactions (expenses & incomes)
  • Ability to duplicate scheduled transactions
  • Ability to hide an account from the list of accounts
  • Ability to set the language of MoneyWiz within the app itself
  • Major improvement to reports – you can now see transactions inline, as part of most reports.
  • Improvements in the Accounts & Budgets creation and management
  • PIN codes will become 4 digits only (If your previous PIN code was more than 4 digits, it will automatically changed to be just the first 4 digits). Removed enter button from PIN entry screen, for faster launch of MoneyWiz

This is just a small list of changes that are present in MoneyWiz in the latest update. You can check out all the changes for yourself by downloading the latest version from the Mac and iOS App Store. MoneyWiz for the iPhone and MoneyWiz for the iPad are available for US$4.99 each. The desktop version of MoneyWiz is available for $24.99.

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