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God of War: Ascension 'Trials of the Gods' co-op time trial mode revealed


You and a buffed-up, half-naked friend can get your ancient WWE on thanks to a newly revealed co-op mode in God of War: Ascension. As developer Sony Santa Monica spilled on the PlayStation Blog, the brawler includes a mode called 'Trials of the Gods' in which you and a pal have to take down hordes of enemies as quickly as possible, since there's a time limit and all.

Each kill puts more seconds on the clock, while each wave of beasts grants you bonus time based on how quickly you clear it; there are five waves to fend off, with an "epic boss" as numero cinco. Trials of the Gods will be supported by four maps when Ascension launches next week, and Sony Santa Monica says there are more on the way. Also, any XP you earn in the mode goes towards upgrading champions across all multiplayer modes.

If that hasn't satiated your bloodthirst for bloody content, check out new videos for the multiplayer maps and Poseidon champion allegiance after the break.

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