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DayZ standalone teases new health system, overhauled zombies


Creator Dean Hall has offered up another video diatribe on the development on the standalone version of DayZ. One teased addition is an overhauled health system, one that features "longterm play effects such as poor diet affecting your long term health levels."

There's a new inventory system, which supports "crafting, interchangeable clothing, degradation, tracking, weapon customization, and much more," the developer blog post says. Hall promises crafting will be different than how it's presented in other games, but says it isn't ready for the public eye yet.

Meanwhile, zombie spawning and behavior is governed server-side, so the game client is less susceptible to foul play and hacking. It also means the undead are able to move around the island autonomously, rather than being summoned around active players. (They'll still enjoy your presence, though, so don't get reckless.)

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