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Square Enix holding 50% off sale on Xbox Live Marketplace


A plethora of Square Enix games and DLC for the Xbox 360 are currently available on the Xbox Marketplace for 50 percent off. Until the recent ultimate deals, The Xbox Marketplace has generally had laughable "deals." See, we couldn't even use that word without putting it in quotation marks. As of late, however, the Xbox Live Marketplace is stepping up its game and wandering into Steam-esque style sales.

There are a couple exceptions to the 50 percent discount, with Deus Ex Human Revolution at $14.99 (60% off), Kane and Lynch 2 at $9.99 (25% off) and Sleeping Dogs for $19.99 (44% off). The sale will conclude on March 18. Check out the full list of cost augmentations after the break.

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