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YouTube Capture iOS app updated with iPad / iPad mini support for all your tablet filming needs


Okay, maybe the YouTube Capture iOS app update with iPad and iPad mini support won't support all your tablet filming needs, but it does aim to fix your ability to instantly capture and upload video to YouTube. And hey, let's be honest, that video of your cat playing with the soda box really should be on YouTube.

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We want to make sharing video on YouTube as easy and fun as it is to watch it, especially on mobile devices. With the YouTube Capture app now for iPad and iPad mini, you can record, edit and share your video in just a few clicks. After filming a video, you can quickly add auto color correction, auto stabilization, trimming and music. Upload instantly to YouTube either as a private video, or if you catch the next Double Rainbow and want the world to see, post it to Google+, Facebook and Twitter all at once. Download YouTube Capture from the App Store, but please, film wisely so your iPad isn't blocking everyone's view.

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