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    The Juan Valdez ColcaSac shoulder bag is the most comfortable one you'll ever own

    Years ago I wrote about a small company named ColcaSac that had just started selling cases and sleeves for Apple's MacBooks and iPads. I was impressed with the products, and I'm happy to say the company has kept updating its offerings and the quality is as good as ever. ColcaSac has a number of new sleeve for MacBooks, Kindles and iPads, but it's the newest product I've fallen in love with: The Juan Valdez ColcaSac shoulder bag. It's not inexpensive, but it's delightfully comfortable and light.

    ColcaSac prides itself on blending classic styles with minimalist design, while at the same time using materials that are eco-conscious. The Juan Valdez ColcaSac shoulder bag is made of a burlap exterior with a hemp lining. Inside, the bag's lining is made of a soft fleece. The look of the bag is the most startling thing. It seems as if it was designed from leftover coffee sacks. I think it's a brilliant design, but I'm the kind of guy who likes my cases and bags a bit different.

    The Juan Valdez ColcaSac shoulder bag is the most comfortable one you'll ever own

    Underneath the Velcro flap you'll find a zippered exterior compartment that can comfortably hold a paper notebook, journal and an iPad mini. Inside the bag are two open free-hanging pockets on one side and a slightly larger zippered pocket on the other. The zippered pocket is handy for wallets, pens, earphones and power adapters. Most importantly for a shoulder bag that houses expensive electronics, the shoulder strap is thick, strong and long enough to leave a lot of room for adjustment. The bag isn't going to have a problem hanging on to you.

    The Juan Valdez ColcaSac shoulder bag is the most comfortable one you'll ever own

    The shoulder bag doesn't have a specific slot inside for a MacBook. It's wide and open and can actually probably fit two MacBook Pros in a thin sleeve easily. My 15-inch MacBook Pro in a sleeve fit inside along with my iPad, and two large books.

    Overall I love the bag's look and feel. It's something I'll take with me the next time I go traveling. It's also the most comfortable bag I've ever owned. The burlap is soft and not scratchy. It's also flexible enough that the bag curves around you if you don't have much in it. The bag is also incredibly light, making it that much more comfortable.

    The Juan Valdez ColcaSac shoulder bag is US$149 and can be purchased directly from ColcaSac.

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