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App lets you battle Ken Jennings in trivia death match

If you ever wanted to know how you would stack up against Ken Jennings in a Jeopardy battle, now's your chance. An app called Trivia Death Match with Ken Jennings hit the App Store last week. It allows players to answer trivia questions against Jennings in timed matches. Points are awarded for accuracy and speed.

As Jeopardy fans will now, Jennings holds the all-time Jeopardy record for highest score and longest winning streak on the game show. The Trivia Death Match with Ken Jennings isn't an official Jeopardy app, but the developers worked with Jennings to make it.

According to KOMOnews, the app's two developers had a chance run-in with Jennings at a trivia night in Seattle. They pitched the idea to Jennings and then he said, "They locked me in this room, with snacks and soda and a thousand trivia questions to answer and I didn't get to come out until I did them all. It was like detention." The game notes the time it took Jennings to complete that trivia lock-down, and the questions he answered are also in the game.

Trivia Death Match with Ken Jennings is available in the App Store for US$2.99.

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