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DevJuice: WWDC '13 alert service now accepting customers


Last year, if you didn't have a personal Apple rep calling you at 5 AM to help you register for WWDC, you may have relied on a service like WWDC Alerts.

Tokens developer Oisin Prendiville decided to go a little more entrepreneurial this year. Offering an alternative to WWDC Alerts, his site will limit subscribers by charging a nominal €1 fee to sign up.

This way, Prendiville writes, the site won't be "overloaded with requests that would result in potential notification delays like with last year."

Prendiville is happy to be bribed. "It's not entirely democratic," he writes. "Queue skipping is allowed by paying more!"

And what about potential disasters? "Should something go terribly wrong and the notifications don't get to you before tickets sell out, I'll return your money."

You can find out more about the WWDC 2013 Notification notification service at the website.

And, oh look, the second week of June is still clear over at Moscone.

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