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SolForge preview gets an update, with new decks to play


SolForge is an interesting iOS card game that keeps getting even more intriguing. The game, which is being made by a company called StoneBlade Entertainment (formerly Gary Games, the gang behind the great Ascension), earned a nice chunk of change on Kickstarter a while ago, and then saw a free preview hit the App Store more recently.

That free preview has now turned into what's essentially an open beta, however, as StoneBlade has added four starter decks of cards to the game. Those decks are available as an in-app purchase for US$4.99 each, but my guess is that they're really for the Kickstarter crowd. StoneBlade promised some free starter decks to supporters and I'm guessing these are those.

But if you want to get in early on the game, they'll be more than happy to take your money. There are also some skins available for purchase, and there are even more features on the way, including the long-awaited deckbuilder and the ability to play in online tournaments. StoneBlade is really building this thing out piece by piece, and it's definitely becoming a more and more impressive venture. Even if you don't want to jump in on the starter decks, the core preview is still available for free.

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