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Apple Australia VP puts markup blame on media rights holders


Yesterday TUAW reported that Apple, Adobe and Microsoft representatives would be meeting today with members of the Australian Parliament to address allegations that the companies charge an unreasonable markup on IT products sold in the country. That meeting was held today, with an Apple VP putting the blame squarely onto the shoulders of media rights holders.

Apple Australia VP Tony King (right) was questioned about the pricing disparities, which a MacStories study showed are particularly onerous for Australians purchasing music through iTunes. According to King, "The pricing of this digital content is based on the wholesale prices which are set through negotiated contracts with the record labels, movie studios and TV networks."

King noted that Apple's iTunes pricing in the country is "comparable to other Australian and online stores," and said that "the content industry still runs with the perhaps old-fashioned notions of country borders or territories or markets," which creates confusion for customers.

Labor MP Ed Husic, part of the committee raising the inquiry on IT pricing, asked King if Apple might be able to influence the price of digital content in Australia. King replied that it was all up to the rights holders, but added that Apple "would love to see cheaper, lower prices in the Australian market."

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