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The Daily Grind: Are guild halls or player houses more important?


Having a place to call your own in MMOs is quite important to some players -- myself included. Housing can be a great place to unwind, to socialize, and to make one's stamp upon the game world. Yet I was wondering: If it came down to a choice, is it more important for MMOs to have guild halls or player houses?

Titles like Guild Wars, City of Heroes, and DDO have provided facilities for guilds but not the individual. There's an element of collaboration and group customization, not to mention that having a guild hall provides a great place for everyone to get together to party.

But personal housing is, well, personal. Everyone gets their own say in putting together the perfect pocket dimension. On the other hand, player houses don't tend to be the centerpiece of the social scene.

If you had to pick -- and no, "both" is not an answer today -- which is more important?

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