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Ms. Splosion Man iOS out now, PC next week


Ms. Splosion Man brings her bewitching mixture of science and 'splosions to iPhone and iPad today, with the iOS port available now for $2.99. Developer Twisted Pixel also revealed the PC port of the original XBLA game is due next week.

The iOS version, developed by Iron Galaxy Studios, introduces six new power-ups to the platformer along with a whopping 1,500 challenges to complete, including racing ghost replays from Twisted Pixel's QA team.

Meanwhile, Twisted Pixel says the PC version is a straight port of the original XBLA game, courtesy of Firehose and Panic Button Studios. By the by, we awarded Ms. Splosion Man on XBLA a glittering five stars, deeming it to be "dripping in charm."

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