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MechWarrior Online to fully launch by end of summer


Free-to-play mega-machine simulator MechWarrior Online will exit beta and launch by late summer. The game is currently playable in open beta. Asked to narrow down that launch window a little more, Russ Bullock, president of developer Piranha Games, noted it'll be "no later than" September 21 (the official close of summer).

Since the game is wholly player-versus-player, we asked if the company plans on implementing a player versus AI model. We were told at GDC that it's not in the plan and Piranha hasn't explored the option.

There are currently three major features the studio is planning to add before launch as they maintain their updates for the game every two weeks. The first is upping the number of mechs on the battlefield from eight versus eight to 12 versus 12, this will happen in "the next 60 days." They are also doing another complete revamp of the user interface. Finally, the "granddaddy feature," is community warfare that incorporates the lore from the BattleTech universe and allows players to pledge allegiance to houses.

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