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Weekend Poll: What rate, innovation?


Over the past year, things seem to have slowed down at Apple. OS upgrades have spaced out. The iPhone seems to have stabilized to a fairly consistent product -- the 4, 4S, and 5 aren't markedly different, other than a small bump in size. OS X has become more a matter of bug fixes, smoothing and refinement, than new features. So where's our big wow?

It's not that Apple really needs innovation at this point. Its stable of products has a continued high demand, and consumers are responding to channel inventory in a gratifying way.

Most of Apple's newest products have been upgraded in subtle but important ways, but "subtle" doesn't always feed the public's perception of innovation and revolution. So does Apple need that innovative push right now?

The competition, certainly, has not stood still. From handsets the size of baby dolphins to low-cost high-definition tablets, the market is trying to find new device expressions. Where does Apple stand in all this? You tell us.

Join in our poll and then drop your opinions into the comments section, and tell us where you see Apple innovating over the next few years.


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