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Deepworld now available on the Mac App Store


Deepworld is a game that I've been covering since last year's GDC, when the three guys running the game came to tell me that they were putting together a 2D, multiplayer online sandbox title, in the same vein as Minecraft but with a steampunk twist. Last year, the game launched on Mac, and then it arrived on iOS. The latest news, as relayed to me by Bytebin at last week's GDC, is that the game is now out on the Mac App Store for free.

Obviously, as the game was already available on the Mac, this isn't necessarily a big thing for current owners of the title. But being on the Mac App Store will provide some more exposure for the team, and make it easier for them to put out updates, of which there have been plenty. During our quick talk at GDC, Bytebin showed me one of their latest features, a "butler bot" you can build in the game that will dig out part of the game world for you, and perform various other commands (provided you can collect the resources to design and build it). There are lots of other systems and items they've included as well, and being on the Mac App Store will let them push any future updates out quickly and easily.

Next up, they're working on building in even more functionality, including player-run guilds and even some player-vs.-player features. The team also wants to build out more goals and quests to chase after in the game, so we can look for that kind of thing coming soon.

Bytebin also shared with me that they've got about 1,000 daily active users these days, which isn't a huge number but does mean that there's a solid player base there. In total, the game has about 40,000 players, and being available through the Mac App Store should help them find some more fans. Deepworld continues to be a very impressive title, and the team is clearly working hard on keeping it running and filled with new content.

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