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Xbox Live Rewards introduces monthly Play to Earn incentives


Starting this month, the Xbox Live Rewards program is getting a little more active with Play to Earn incentives. As the name implies, Play to Earn allows Xbox Live Rewards members to earn extra rewards by purchasing and playing games. The month of April is dedicated to Xbox Live Arcade, and several rewards are up for grabs. As you might expect, the best ones require you to pony up a little dough.

Playing 20 hours of XBLA games this month will net Rewards members a free Avatar item, while purchasing four XBLA games costing at least 400 MS Points each will earn a free month of Xbox Live Gold. Finally, members who spend 3200 MS Points on XBLA games will receive 800 MS Points back.

That applies to any XBLA games, though Major Nelson conveniently notes that there are quite a few games coming out this month, including Battleblock Theater, Terraria, Monaco, Double Dragon 2, God Mode, Sacred Citadel and Motocross Madness.

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