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Engadget HD Podcast 343 - 04.02.13

Joe Pollicino

Aw, you missed us live? Not to worry, we've got you covered here as usual! This week, Ben continues to highlight his hopes for more à la carte access to shows than channels, while Richard tries to -- sneakily -- double his follower count on Twitter. Oh yeah, and we'll discuss the latest in HD news, from a potential Intel TV service to checking out Panasonic's 2013 lineup with us in NYC. Hear all about it below and subscribe after the break.

Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh (@bjdraw), Richard Lawler (@rjcc)

Producers: James Trew (@itstrew), Joe Pollicino (@akaTRENT)

Hear the podcast

00:00:34 - Last week's comments
00:08:19 - Explore Panasonic's 2013 lineup w/ Engadget in NYC
00:09:26 - Panasonic restructuring plan
00:11:45 - Aereo court battle win
00:16:58 - Slingbox 500 firmware update
00:19:29 - Google TV PrimeTime welcomes Amazon Prime
00:21:47 - BBC iPlayer's open source TV Application Layer
00:24:12 - Boxee TV DLNA access, on-device DVR management
00:26:29 - Wii U speed improvement update coming soon
00:29:27 - New Xbox Live content
00:30:49 - Microsoft reportedly selling MediaRoom IPTV to Ericsson
00:33:24 - HDHomeRun Prime firmware featuring DLNA streaming
00:35:16 - Bloomberg: Intel nearing TV service deals
00:38:15 - Netflix's sci-fi series, Sense8
01:01:11 - Must See HDTV (April 2nd - 7th)

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