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New Square Enix president undertaking full review of company


New Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda plans to go over his company with a fine-toothed comb following Square Enix's recent losses and restructuring efforts, which include layoffs.

"After having succeeded the important role as the president, I plan on reviewing all Square Enix duties, business and assets on a zero-based budgeting standpoint," Matsuda told investors, as translated by Siliconera. "Due to the radical change of environment, I'd like to fundamentally review what works and what doesn't work for our company, then cast all of our resources towards extending what makes us successful and thoroughly squeezing out what doesn't."

Matsuda will appoint Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers as director of Square Enix Holdings. Rogers will work with Matsuda on the restructuring efforts. The Final Fantasy Versus XIII team is currently sitting quietly in their office with all the lights off until Matsuda's review is over.

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