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Three years ago today the first iPad had us waiting in lines to buy one


Hands up, all of you still using your first-generation iPads. Although it was only three years ago, the iPad has progressed quite a bit since its introduction (which was in January -- Apple didn't specify a release date at the time). Codenamed K48, the iPad was in development before the iPhone, but obviously the iPhone took design cues from the iPad and would set the smartphone standard for several years.

In fact, three years ago today you could only buy the Wi-Fi version, as the cellular version (Wi-Fi+3G) wouldn't debut until the end of the month. Still, my local Apple store had over 50 people waiting in line to buy one. Mine is still in great condition, aside from a few scratches on the screen -- I blame my cats.

These days the iPad 1 is a homebound device used when guests come over, or when Kid 1 is using the iPad 3 or as a supplemental entertainment device. My dock reflects this, with these apps in it: Music, Calcbot, Khan Academy, Safari, TangoRemote and a folder with more music apps and remotes (like Airfoil Speakers).

How are you using your iPad 1?

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