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Neverwinter shines the light on kobolds

Eliot Lefebvre

Kobolds in Neverwinter aren't quite as pathetic as you might think. Sure, they're fairly weak in a stand-up fight, and they tend to run from any engagement unless they've got the advantage of numbers. But they can build up those numbers very quickly when they need to, and they're not as stupid as you might think. The latest Monster Manual entry shines more light on these diminutive reptilian creatures and what players can expect when they hear kobolds in the distance.

Draconic worship is the order of the day for kobold clans, and while the dragons barely deign to notice their minions the kobolds treat their masters as incarnate deities. Their spellcasting Wyrmpriests direct the lesser members of the group to find more treasure for their chosen dragon, and they can also turn a dozen ragtag kobolds from a joke of an encounter into a fighting force to be reckoned with. They're not as intimidating as ogres, but get enough of the kobolds together and you should still be very afraid.

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