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Samsung leaks the ATIV Book 6: a regular Windows 8 notebook possibly headed to the US for $1,200

Sharif Sakr

It's not a hybrid like the ATIV Smart PC, it doesn't run RT like the ATIV Tab or Windows Phone like the ATIV S, and yet the laptop above is apparently destined to become part of the family. The ATIV Book 6 hasn't been formally announced, but an accidental and promptly-pulled listing on Samsung's site suggests that it takes on the shape of a regular high-spec Windows 8 notebook with a 15.6-inch 1080p touch sensitive display, Core i7 processor, up-to-date Radeon HD graphics chip, 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD. In other words, it sounds very much like the equivalently priced Series 7 Chronos, apart from the non-metal casing, the model number and potentially other differences we don't know about yet, such as broader availability -- after all, the Chronos we first spotted in the States was something of a Best Buy exclusive. You'd think the ATIV branding would have to signify something, but history says otherwise.

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