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Jelly Bean update for AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket now available


We've witnessed AT&T deliver a very fresh Android experience to a number of Samsung's galactic handsets in the past few months, but we definitely won't complain when others get the same treatment -- even if it is slightly overdue. Available now via Kies, this Jelly Bean upgrade will give Galaxy S II Skyrocket owners what will likely be a much welcomed boost, including new features such as Smart Stay, Direct Call and Pop Up Play. Of course, the aforementioned tidbits are only part of the bigger Mountain View picture, since the new version means automatic access to Google Now and overall under-the-hood enhancements thanks to things like Project Butter. It's here, it's real, and it's ready to rejuvenate your device -- all you have to do is pay our source link a visit, where you'll find specific instructions on how to get the goods.

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