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Swapnote update adds photo, filtering features


If you've been keeping up with your Swapnote mailbox on 3DS, you can download an update today and enjoy some new features, including the ability to take photos or record audio and attach it to your notes, undo drawings, and use different colors on each page of a note.

Even if, like me, you haven't checked Swapnote in a few months and get kind of sick to your stomach at the thought of the thousands of unread notes building up in your inbox, the update will be of interest. You can delete multiple notes simultaneously now, and filter your messages by sender.

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Nintendo News: Software Update Available for Swapnote for Nintendo 3DS

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REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fans of the Swapnote application on the Nintendo 3DS system will be excited to hear that a software update is now available for the message-sharing application that will enhance their experience and give them more tools to create. To update Swapnote, or to download the free application for the first time, Nintendo 3DS owners just need to visit the Nintendo eShop. Once the download is complete, users will be able to:

Attach photos and audio recordings when replying to notes
Take photos or record audio from within the application
Use a different pen color on each page
Undo their last pen strokes
The update will also offer faster load times, as well as the ability to:

Filter notes by users or favorites
Choose whether to receive special notes on a category-by-category basis
Delete multiple notes at once
Swapnote users will need to update the application to continue to receive special notes from Nintendo. Swapnote users can only exchange notes with other Nintendo 3DS owners that they have registered to their Nintendo 3DS Friend List, and who also have the Swapnote application. For more information about Swapnote, visit

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