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Dark Souls claimed nearly 2.4 million sales worldwide


2,367,000 people made good on their preparations to die in Dark Souls. As livedoor reports, From Software announced the latest global sales figures for the 2011 deathtrap at a recent press conference. Around half a million purchases came from Japan, the studio revealed, with the other 1.85 million or so made up from North America and Europe.

Copies which included the 'Artorios of the Abyss' DLC released last year comprised just under 700,000 sales. As ShackNews reports, according to Namco Bandai VP Carlson Choi the PC version represents "over 300,000" of that figure.

While Demon's Souls proved a surprise hit when Atlus brought it to North America, Dark Souls' sales performance may explain why its follow-up warrants a '2' tacked onto it rather than a new moniker. Even if it should be called Dragon's Souls...

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