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Ubisoft Montpellier artist challenges dismissal over caricatures of management

Xav de Matos, @Xav

After being dismissed for illustrating caricatures of his Ubisoft Montpellier managers, artist Alain 'Gaston' Rémy has decided to challenge the terms of the December 2012 decision.

In a report filed by France 3's news desk, the former Ubisoft employee says that the illustrations were done for humor and notes none of the caricatures were ever made public, according to a translation of the original story. Working with Ubisoft for a total of six years, Gaston's primary focus at the studio was working on the publisher's Rabbids franchise. A French labor court is expected to make its decision on the matter on July 26.

Gaston's library of work includes a slew of comics and animation projects, all with an embellished humorous style, as seen above.

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