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Verizon intros new $35 prepaid plan for basic phones, for those not keen on the 'smart' era


For some time now, Verizon and other carriers have slowly but surely shifted focus from "dumb" handsets to ones that are much more intelligent, with data-driven shared plans being one of the strategies that corroborate this move. Today, however, Big Red's gone back to basics, announcing a novel prepaid plan for folks without a smartphone -- which will go alongside the company's existing $50, all-you-can-have offering. With the new Basic Plan, Verizon's giving would-be customers a $35 option which serves 500 anytime minutes (sorry, no mobile-to-mobile) as well as unlimited mobile data and text messaging. Hey, don't be ashamed, there's definitely nothing wrong with keeping it vintage -- and, above all, saving cash.

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