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The lure of EverQuest II's Sirens Grotto documented in video

MJ Guthrie

Earlier this week we got to peek into Cobalt Scar, the new area in EverQuest II's upcoming GU66 Scars of the Awakened. But there's so much more to the zone than just one little fly-through could show! During SOE's latest webcast, the focus turned to one little corner of the new region: the Sirens Grotto dungeon. Complete with waterfalls, coral formations, and alluring sirens begging for help, the dungeon eschews mundane and dingy areas filled with hideous creatures.

Sirens Grotto has heroic and advanced versions, both of which play into the daily missions. Players will have multiple reasons to explore this dungeon, from deciphering what's going on with the Ages End prophecy to finding clues about the missing Kelethin contingent of the New Combine army. Watch the full video below to hear devs describe the zone and share more details about the mobs, quests, and stories that folks will encounter come April 30th.

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