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Apple publishes development job postings in Florida


Apple is beginning to recruit engineers in the Orlando, Fla., area for the designing, building and testing of custom chips, according to a post today on AppleInsider.

The job postings included seven positions focused on development and testing of processor hardware, as well as others for driver development on graphics processors. AppleInsider notes that several other positions are open, including one for a reference model engineer specializing in modeling GPU hardware. Another job posting describes running iOS on "pre-silicon platforms."

These listings do not seem to be associated with recent job postings for Apple's "Melbourne Design Center," which appears to refer to the headquarters of AuthenTec, a recently acquired fingerprint-scanning technology company located about an hour's drive southeast of Orlando.

Instead, the positions appear to be in line with Apple's designs for custom processors, which began in 2010 with the A4 and continues in iOS products with the powerful A6X used in the current iPad with Retina display.

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