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Japan's Nintendo Direct is a Luigi Special, Wii U update next week


This morning's Nintendo Direct broadcast for Japan is bringing the Luigi love, and maybe the kind of Luigi love that spills more details on the 'New Super Luigi U' DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U. Nintendo is calling 2013 'The Year of Luigi,' and so far the year's brought us a new Luigi's Mansion game and the announcement of the upcoming NSMB U content. We're not sure that constitutes a year's worth of lanky plumberness, so maybe the other Mario brother has some more surprises up his green-clad sleeves in today's Luigi Special direct.

One not-so-surprising bit of news is that the Wii U's April system update is coming next week to Japan. Given that there won't be much April left by the end of next week, there are good odds the update is being released worldwide at the same time. Nintendo is billing the update as a big one, with a chunk of Virtual Console support and reduced UI loading times both part of the package.

We expect more details to be spilled in Japan's Nintendo Direct, which you can watch here on Joystiq when it's broadcast live today at 10AM ET (7AM PT, 3PM UK). We'll also have North America and Europe's 3DS-focused broadcasts at the same time for your perusal.

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