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Level-5 and Grasshopper's 'Liberation Maiden' becomes an adventure game


Grasshopper Manufacture and Japanese game publisher 5pb are adapting Liberation Maiden, the 3DS/iOS game in which the teenage president of Japan shoots down enemy structures from her flying mech, into a visual novel for PS3.

Liberation Maiden SIN stars Kaido Kiyoto, chief of staff to president Shoko Ozora, and also, naturally, a mind reader. He works with the president and her cabinet of young women, because this is a visual novel and what would it even be about if not choosing who to date?

This game involves a large portion of the Japanese game industry in some nominal way. 5pb is publishing a game based on a universe originally published by Level-5; Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture designed the original game, and Suda is writing scenarios for this one; Grasshopper is now part of Gungho Online Entertainment, which is itself now part of telecom company Softbank.

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