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Microsoft video game division turns a profit in Q3


Microsoft has announced earnings for its fiscal third quarter (ended March 31), drawing attention to the Entertainment & Devices Division (EDD), which handles products like the Xbox, Windows Phone and Surface.

The EDD reported revenue of $2.53 billion, a 56 percent increase over the $1.61 billion reported during the same period last year. The company also cited a "video game deferral" of $380 million – an advance on the launch of Halo 4, according to Gamasutra – effectively lowering revenues to $2.15 billion. Even so, the EDD racked up an operating income of $342 million, up from a $242 million loss during the same period last year.

Sales of Xbox 360 consoles declined, with Microsoft shipping 8.9 million units in the first nine months of fiscal 2013, down 3 million units from the same period last year. Xbox Live subscriptions rose, however, as did Xbox Live revenue. Specifically, Xbox Live membership grew 18 percent and now totals 46 million members. Microsoft did not specify how many pay for Gold memberships.

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