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The Incident creators' new game is Space Age


Way back last July, we first heard that the developers behind the great iOS game The Incident, Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi, were working on a second game. That title's now been revealed as a game called Space Age, and we're starting to see video and images from it, hopefully leading up to a release later this year.

It's described as a cross between real-time strategy and adventure, and it looks like a very different game than the duo's first title. There's a dynamic weather system included, as well as a mineral-harvesting system. In general, the game seems to be about a set of humans setting foot on an alien planet, and having to build up their civilization through various means there.

Sounds exciting to us. The game has an official page, and you can sign up for email updates on the game there as well. We'll look forward to seeing more of this one very soon.

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