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Rumor: Second 'Sega Pluto' found at a garage sale


So apparently people can just find rare, never-released consoles at garage sales now. That's how the second (and purported final) "Sega Pluto" was found, retrieved at a garage sale for a dollar "five or six years" ago by YouTube user kidvid666.

Above, he explains that he didn't know it was a "Sega Pluto" until the first "Sega Pluto" surfaced online last week. His "Sega Pluto" has a damaged disc door, explaining why he has to weigh it down to play games in the video above. Beyond that, it boots up fine and appears to be in working order.

The "Sega Pluto" was a prototype Sega Saturn with a NetLink modem built into the chassis. The NetLink modem was eventually released on its own as an add-on peripheral, unlocking web browsing through the console and online matches in Saturn Bomberman, Virtual On, Sega Rally, Duke Nukem 3D and Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition.

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