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Alleged next-gen iPad rear casing suggests mini-esque design and finish


We've seen a possible case, what could be the front portion of Apple's next iPad and this time around, Tactus has got its hands on the other half, the rear casing. Unfortunately, it's the not-so-interesting view, but we can still make out the space for the hole for the camera lens, sharper corners and the same dark blue finish we saw on both the fifth iteration of the iPhone and the iPad Mini. Tactus reckons it'll hold onto the original iPad's 9.7-inch display, but surround it with a thinner bezel. As for the rest of the specs that will eventually reside inside the redesigned shell, well, we'll have to wait for the official reveal from Apple for the full story.

Update: It's worth noting that 9to5Mac spied a similarly redesigned iPad shell at the start of the year. We've included their leak after the break. Thanks for everyone that sent this in!

Alleged nextgen iPad rear casing suggests miniesque design and finish

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