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Microsoft launches Bing Offers to round up local bargains, gives Bing Deals the axe


Call it a deal, offer or a bargain -- isn't a discount by any name just as sweet? Microsoft seems to think so, and it recently retired Bing Deals in favor of a locally focused newcomer: Bing Offers. Like its predecessor, Offers culls discounts from a number of sources, but rather than pulling deals from all over the web it focuses on group-discount bargains from outfits like Livingsocial, Groupon and Homerun. The aggregator spreads the discounts across the standard categories: food activities, health and fitness, beauty, travel and retail / services. Although the name has changed, a Microsoft spokesperson told TechCrunch that Offers is essentially the latest update to Bing Deals, noting that the site has gone through "a number of iterations" since it launched in 2011. Hit the source link to start pinching pennies.

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