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'Soul Fjord' is Airtight's next game, Ouya exclusive


The next game from designer Kim Swift and Airtight Games (Quantum Conundrum) will be Soul Fjord. Fusing '70s funk with Norse mythology, the game stars Magnus Jones, an afro-sporting Viking, who makes his way through procedurally generated dungeons and engages in rhythm-based combat.

And if you were wondering: yes, this is Airtight's Ouya-exclusive project that was announced earlier this year. Swift referred to it as a "console exclusive" when speaking to IGN, so it's possible that mobile and PC ports are still on the table.

A developer diary was released alongside the announcement. At the very least, the eclectic cultural mash-up makes for interesting aesthetics, though there isn't much to speak of in terms of gameplay.

The Ouya is slated to officially launch on June 4, while Soul Fjord is "coming soon."

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