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Apple comes out on top in Consumer Reports tech support ratings

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Consumer Reports has announced that Apple has come out on top again -- and bested its previous score -- in providing consumer tech support to its users.

The company scored far higher than the other big companies for the elements that make for successful online and phone support: ease of contacting staff, clarity of advice, technical knowledge, patience and time for follow-up.

The annual survey found that 88 percent of of customer problems were solved at an in-store Genius Bar, compared to only 70 percent at Best Buy's in-store Geek Squad bars. Consumer Reports also notes that Apple was able to resolve 82 percent of computer problems across all its support lines (in-store, phone, etc.).

Overall, Apple scored 86 our of 100 in the survey -- the highest of any computer manufacturer. The next best was Lenovo, which scored a 63 out of 100.

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