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Defiance recruits over one million Ark Hunters


Trion Worlds' persistent-word shooter Defiance has surpassed a million registered users in its first month, the developer announced today.

Players have collectively murdered over 500,000,000 hellbugs to date in Defiance, while the number of slaughtered heavenbugs is currently unknown. Trion also boasts one million triggered instances in the press release past the break.

Defiance is a trans-media project from Trion Worlds and the SyFy network – Trion Worlds launched the video game side of Defiance in early April, while SyFy's television series is currently ongoing. A "Most Wanted" contest was just announced, where players who average the most Ark Salvage per hour are eligible to win a spot on an upcoming episode of the Defiance TV show. The contest ends on May 12.

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Defiance continues to gain momentum as gaming and TV audiences join forces

May 2, 2013 - Trion Worlds announced today that more than one million Defiance accounts have been created since the launch of the open world shooter one month ago today. Fans of both the game and show have truly immersed themselves into the futuristic world of Defiance, with gamers eclipsing major milestones in game, while TV viewers are tuning in at record cable numbers for the first two episodes.

Killing hellbugs, driving ATVs and triggering Arkfalls are among the top in game activities:

· The not so cute or cuddly hellbugs have put up a good fight, but gamers are showing an incredible love for dropkicking, exploding and decimating them by annihilating more than 500,000,000 hellbugs to date.

· Jumping on their ATV and cruising around the Badlands has led to gamers driving 50,000,000 miles around the terra formed Bay Area.

· Banding together, Ark Hunters have engaged in triggering and battling back an incredible 1,000,000 Arkfalls.

Finally, Trion has announced the Defiance Most Wanted contest in which fans must outgun the competition in game from April 30 - May 12 to see themselves on an upcoming episode of Defiance on the Syfy channel. To enter this amazing chance to win a spot on the show, follow the contest registration steps at the official contest page here:

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