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WoW Moviewatch: Elements


Elements is a gorgeous video to watch. The costuming, framing, and background music all works well. But the video is still unsatisfying, owing to two chief challenges. First, convincing action scenes are stupid hard to do. No, really: even without getting into the fact that we all know the emotes by heart, pulling together a series of emotes into heart-pounding action is difficult. Unfortunately, Elements doesn't quite manage the feat.

More importantly, though, the video suffers some pacing problems. In a few places, the action is completely paused so that the song can catch up with the story. That just won't work when you're trying to hold an audience's attention.

All that being said, Elements shows outstanding promise and, like I said, it's pretty to look at. I hope SajuukCor keeps trying; I think you could really knock this kind of thing out of the park with practice.
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