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Alice: Otherlands is seriously considering Kickstarter, plans a video


American McGee's Spicy Horse development studio is getting serious about this Kickstarter idea for the third Alice installment, Alice: Otherlands. A Facebook page started in April contains multiple mentions of Kickstarter, potential rewards and teases about "hush-hush" negotiations with EA.

Spicy Horse is now working on a Kickstarter video for Alice: Otherlands and it wants an existing Alice cosplayer to star in it. The shoot is scheduled for June in Shanghai, China, Spicy Horse's home base.

"This contest does not mean the 'Otherlands' project will definitely happen – we're still working on deal-making, which could stall or fall through altogether," Spicy Horse cautions at the end of its announcement. For now, check out some of the early art for Alice: Otherlands and keep those Vorpal Blades crossed.

Alice: Otherlands features Alice in London, where she invades the minds of passersby and plays around in thousands of diverse, mental Wonderlands, McGee told us during GDC. He envisioned it not as a AAA game, but as an online, cooperative, cross-platform experience between tablets and browsers – but that was before EA had a say.

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